Villarreal & Asociados Estudio Jurídico

Manuel Larrea N12-23 y Sta. Prisca, Ed. Coneisa, 6o. Piso, Of. 636 - Centro Histórico - Quito - Ecuador

Rpte: Dr. Jhonny F. Villarreal R.
In the legal area and attend private business matters, we specialize in the various branches of law and related activities such as:

- Constitutions of companies and establishment of commercial companies.

- Constitutions of cooperatives.

- Capital increases, mergers.

- Advising on the corporate structure.

- Advice on cooperative.

- Update of the minute books and books of shares or units.

- Updates to the appointment of administrators.

- Corporate legal consulting to industrial, commercial, aimed at defining the optimal legal organization in accordance with the requirements of each user.

- Preparation and conceptual review of contracts and documents that companies subscribe to, including contingencies and effects could result in the legal field.

- Consulting in privatization operations, acquisitions, mergers and divisions of society


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