Sumitex, Calidad y Variedad

Bolívar 8-13 y Rocafuerte - Atuntaqui - Imbabura - Ecuador - Antonio Ante - Imbabura - Ecuador

You have to work if we want to progress, and put them to offer our products.
Sumitex; product quality and variety.
We offer supplies for the textile area at the national level, they are:
- Dyeing buttons
- Thread for making
- A variety of buttons
- Atachez - crystals - precious stones - precious stones foil - lasso - closures - flower ornaments - clothing chains - tapes
Coming a variety of prints with rhinestones, taches heat.
Wholesale and retail.
We will be happy to meet their orders, quotes.
Working for the development of Ecuador, giving preference to domestic products and international first products when there are none in Ecuador. Ecuadorian hand work. Ecuador forward - forward - the country's first.


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