Sistemas Contables (Facturación Electrónica)

Vía Ferroviaria - Machala - El Oro - Ecuador

Rpte: Ing. Vincio Aguilar
Accounting system (Automatizer SQL)

Ideal for all types of business and for every need.

It is easy to handle integrated system applicable to all types ideal for small and large companies, shrimp, banana, restaurants, hotels, retail, schools, business schools, etc.

Ecuadorian Software with over 200 installations.

With the purchase you get:

on-site training, manual accounting system automatizer sql, cd. software installation, technical support (on-site, by telephone, by internet) payment facilities and funding.

Multi user, multi company
We work with database engine SQL Server data, faster data response.
Migrating data from your old system.

Modules: inventory, invoicing, purchasing, bank accounting.
You can bring: x accounts receivable, accounts payable x, reconciliation and banking control, imports, auditing, sri annexes (ats), pr


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