OP Representaciones

Urb. Ciudad Celeste, La Ria, Mz9, V14, Km 9 Via a Samborondon. - Guayaquil - Guayas - Ecuador

Telephone:593 42184-048
We are a company of automotive representations international that by but of 10 years we represented you make and exporting companies of parts and pieces for all class of Japanese, Korean, American vehicles, and spare parts of Chinese and Taiwan and we make business with the majority of importers in all the Equator and now we are negotiating in Peru, with our exporting company of Japan: amecs international Inc. of kobe Japan and we offer the following linias or marks made in Japan, for all mark of Japanese vehicles with very good prices for the importer: cardan joint crosspieces mark toyo, pins and bocines marks mrk, parts of suspension marks 555, shock absorbers marks kyb, valve of motor mark dokuro, oil pumps marks tkd, pumps of water marks npw.


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