Importadores de Policarbonato

Importadores de Policarbonato

Sel - Centro Histórico - Quito - Ecuador

Our main activity imports of various products including imported.

Alveolar sheets and polycarbonate solid.

The Good Life brand we sell is 10 years in the Ecuadorian market

time that has earned the trust of its users, its renowned quality is supported including ISO 9001 certification.

To manufacture and various certifications.

More including environmental protection, our product is made from virgin Makrolon resin from Bayer in Germany.

Enjoy broader quality assurance, measures 2100mm wide x 12000mm long.

Aplicaciondes of IRT polycarbonate plates Ecuador

Polycarbonate Roofing, garage, pool covers with polycarbonates, nursery, bath and shower screens, furniture, windows, ceilings, walls, phone boxes, incubators, water fittings, separators, screened for taxis, bank windows, shields poly


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