Chillogallo Barrio 10 de Mayo Lote 121 - Centro Histórico - Quito - Ecuador

"A nationwide" Manufacture and installation of steel structures, aluminum, acrylic and polycarbonate covers. Ideal to cover: garages, swimming pools, laundries, patios, terrasas, visors etc access.
Structures such models: vault, pergolas with wood finish, tunnel type, wave type, etc.. We manufacture in acrylic domes types: pyramidal, bubble, vault, dome and all kinds of tiles. Alveolar polycarbonate 6, 8 installation. Provide technical advice on installation. 3d design of the areas that will be covered. Visits and free estimates without any obligation. Polycarbonate has protection against the effects of aging caused by the harmful ultraviolet rays, is very adaptable to all kinds of architectural applications. Polycarbonate sheets have extraordinary hardness that allows them to be impact resistant, not that this makes them lose their flexibility. polycarb sheets


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